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Welcome to the world of the 24 hour open house. Say goodbye to time wasters and hello to buyers.

360 Degrees Makes HOT Property!

Blow prospective buyers away with a 3D virtual property tour – an immersive online 3D experience that gives buyers a true sense of the feeling of your property before they ever see it in person. Weed out less interested buyers, and attract more qualified open house attendees for both residential and commercial properties. Our property virtual tour service includes all of the following features:

Immersive 3D Virtual Tours.

Give your clients the ability to virtually walkthrough your property portfolio from anywhere in the world.

The 3D virtual reality tours are easy to navigate over multiple levels, inside and out and even have an introductory tutorial to get things going.

Interactive Floor Plans

You will no longer need to measure up the property to produce floor plans any more. Floor plans are provided included as part of our service to you.

The floor plans are interactive and can be used to navigate around the 3D virtual tour and can be downloaded to your computer or device.

HDR Image Galleries

Our virtual tours also include image galleries where the images are generated by the 3D room scans which means that they can be created from our studio for you at any time without the need to re-visit the property and take more photographs.

All images are HRD as standard.

Example 3D 360 Degree Virtual Property Tours

Here are a couple of examples of fully immersive virtual property tours. The first is an example virtual tour of a rather large property in Alderley Edge in Cheshire. The second is of a bar and restaurant virtual tour in Westhoughton known as the Waggon and Horses. Click through the tour using the arrows for guidance and click on the tabs to select the virtual tour you wish to experience. You can also use the pre-defined locations at the bottom of the tour or simply use the interactive floor plan on the left to navigate.

Key Benefits


No More Time-wasters

The clients who have already “experienced” the property or commercial business for sale / lease have already made their mind up if they are a prospective buyer or not. You’ll only be showing interested parties and wating less time on people who have not already had a virtual tour.

Concentrate on Selling Properties

We offer an end-to-end residential and commercial property marketing service meaning that you spend less time on visits, taking photos, videos, measuring up for floor plans etc.. This means you can concentrate on selling properties while we concentrate on helping you sell them.

Stay Competitive

It’s a fact that more commercial and residential property marketing companies are using virtual reality and interactive floor plans in order to sell properties faster and cheaper. To keep up with the competition you simply need to move with the times and embrace the benefits which this service provides.

No other interactive property marketing technology comes close to the viewer engagement of our tours.

But What about video?

While they can have good production value, videos offer no viewer interaction. Viewers often click through the progress bar, wait, lose patience and move on within 30 seconds.

The average viewing time for an interactive virtual property tour by Zeus 360 is 5 minutes.

Compatible with all major mobile devices and tablets

The Realvision 3D virtual reality tour system is plays well with all modern mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers using html5 web standards for maximum browser compatability.

An increasing majority of potential customers looking to buy or rent a property are using mobile devices to perform their search and, more importantly, make their decisions on the move while out shopping, drinking coffee at their local coffee house, at the library or even on the bus or train.

HDR Wide Angle Photography Included

Each and every 3D virtual tour we produce comes with HRD wide angle photography as standard. In fact is actually baked into the system.

Our professional photographers only perform a single photoshoot of the property.

From all of the data captued we are then able to produce an unlimited number of photos from anywhere and at any angle of the property with no need for us to re-visit and re-shoot.

Fully compatible with the latest desktop and mobile VR (virtual reality) headsets / glasses.

All of our Zeus 360 degree virtual tours and immersive walkthroughs come with VR built in as standard and are compatible with all major desktop computer virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and mobile smartphone VR glasses such as Google Cardboard.


Some of our property marketing packages come with a selection of VR glasses supplied to you so please get in touch and ask about which options we can offer you.

Want to know more?

If you would like to let your potential clients view your office as part of your contact us page or if you would like to enhance your Google Local listing by having a Google Street View virtual tour produced by our Google Trusted Photographer then please get in touch:

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Real estate listings featuring virtual tours are clicked on 40% more often than those using still photos alone. When asked, 75% of all prospects surveyed said that they preferred virtual tours to assist in the decision making process. (“Planet Home Study”, 2007) Planet Home Study

360 Degrees Makes HOT Property!

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