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Navigating the Lockdown: The Rise of Matterport Student Property Virtual Tours in Yorkshire for HMO Landlords

In this post we shall explore how student property virtual tours helped Rob Lucas Properties stay competitive during lockdown.

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses worldwide have had to pivot and adapt to unprecedented circumstances. For Rob Lucas, whose business thrives on providing quality student accommodations in Yorkshire, the challenge was clear as lockdown restrictions made traditional property viewings impossible. His response? The strategic implementation of Matterport tours to offer student property virtual tours, ensuring that not even a global lockdown could put a damper on students finding their perfect home away from home.

The Challenges of Lockdown

The first obstacle was the immediate cessation of in-person viewings. Physical distancing measures meant that Rob’s potential tenants could no longer visit properties, posing a significant threat to the business. The second challenge was the need for a solution that could quickly adapt to the changing market demands and expectations of tech-savvy students.

Innovative Features of Matterport Tours

Matterport tours, an advanced solution for virtual property viewings, were adeptly incorporated by Rob Lucas. These tours are not mere slideshows of still photos; they are fully immersive, 3D experiences that allow prospective tenants to navigate through properties with ease. The features of these student property virtual tours include:

  • 360-Degree Views: Offering a comprehensive look at every property, leaving no corner unexplored.
  • Dollhouse View: Providing a unique perspective that showcases the property layout in its entirety.
  • Measurement Tool: Allowing students to measure spaces directly within the tour to ensure their furniture and belongings would fit.

Benefits of Student Property Virtual Tours

The introduction of student property virtual tours brought with it a multitude of benefits:

  1. Accessibility: Students could now view properties at any time and from any location, which was crucial during lockdown.
  2. Safety: Virtual tours eliminated the need for physical contact, adhering to safety protocols and ensuring everyone’s health was not compromised.
  3. Informed Decisions: With a realistic view of the properties, students could make better-informed decisions from the comfort of their current residences.
  4. Efficiency: These tours saved time for both the property manager and the potential tenants, streamlining the viewing process.

A Competitive Edge

Rob Lucas’s adoption of virtual tours provided him with a competitive edge. His business could continue operating smoothly, and students were still able to plan their accommodations for the upcoming academic year without interruption. The student property virtual tours positioned Lucas Properties as a forward-thinking company, ready to tackle modern problems with modern solutions.

Student Accommodation Virtual Tours Yorkshire
Student Property Virtual Tours Look Great on all Devices

Continued Relevance Post-Lockdown

As the world slowly transitions to a new normal, the relevance of student property virtual tours remains undiminished. They have become a staple in property viewing, offering convenience and flexibility that traditional viewings cannot match.

Final Thoughts

The strategic decision by Rob Lucas to incorporate Matterport tours into his business model has not only allowed for continuity during trying times but has also revolutionized the way student properties are viewed and selected. The success of student property virtual tours under his brand is a testament to the power of embracing change and innovation.

If you’re a HMO landlord, estate agent or manage a portfolio of student accommodation in the UK and would like to discuss how we can help you stay competitive with Matterport student accommodation virtual tours then please contact us today!

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Example HDR Property Photos Supplied by Zeus 360 Virtual Tours

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