Virtual Tour Sectors

Construction, BIM and Quantity Surveying

Our 3D Matterport virtual tours for construction give you the "digital twin" containing everything you need for virtual viewings / remote surveying, scan-to-plan, architects, engineers and facilities management.

We provide you with a “digital twin” for streamlining documentation, collaborating with stakeholders and reducing costs with ease.

Architects, engineers, project managers and stakeholders in construction and renovation projects of all sizes can benefit from instructing us to capture your project in 3D and provide you with everything you need to digitally survey your project, streamline your documentation and collaborate more efficiently saving hours or even days of the most precious commodity – your time.

Example construction site Matterport 3D virtual tour captured for surveying:

Replace thousands of traditional 2D photos

With the immersive 3D walkthrough, documentation is both engaging and enjoyable. You can even zoom in and read detailed labels. For when you absolutely need 2D photos, they're easy to download from the tour. You can also get reflected ceiling plan images and high resolution floorplan images for even richer documentation.

Measure, annotate and collaborate

Get stakeholders on the same page and give them the detail they need. Tag complicated areas with more information, such as MEP details beneath drywall. Highlight what's most important with a Guided Tour. Get the point cloud that accurately details current conditions and then export to Revit to compare with the original design.

Quick to create, use for the long term

Include your 3D documentation as part of your handover to the building owner for long-term facilities management. They will be pleased to have this easy-to-use treasure trove of information for future maintenance, renovations and health and safety guidance. We can supply a wide variety of assets as part of your physical or digital handover package.

So much more than a construction virtual tour.....

We know that the more agencies you have to deal with, the more it costs you both in time and money. Time spent dealing with multiple parties could be better spent acquiring new instructions or clients. Simply instruct us to visit the property and in one visit we will deliver:

Unlimited HDR Property Photos

As part of the service we provide, we can provide you access to the original tour to take as many high resolution photos as you require. No need for any more in-person costly site visits by key stakeholders.

Point Cloud Data Exports

We provide you with point cloud data ready to share and render using Revit and other BIM tools. Overlay your point cloud onto your BIM model to conduct verification. Get reflected ceiling plan images and schematic floor plans.

Take Measurements Online

The 3D data captured is accurate to within 99% of reality and allows you to take measurements in difficult to access areas such as pipes, trusses, and ceiling beams. Conduct surveys remotely from anywhere in the world.

Construction Documentation Matterport Virtual Tour Pricing

Pricing for 3D Matterport virtual tours for pre construction documentation and post construction documentation is based on our  commercial property virtual tour rates as per the following table and add on prices.

Additional extras are priced as follows:

  • Floor plans: £100+VAT per property
  • Point cloud data export £150+VAT per property
Area in square meters
Price (+VAT)
less than 200
£0.90 per m2
£0.71 per m2
£0.60 per m2
£0.40 per m2

1 square meter = 10.764 square feet

Want to provide better pre / post construction documentation whilst saving time and money?
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