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With a professional Matterport 3D virtual tour "digital twin" you can show off your business, venue, residential or commercial property online.

Matterport Virtual Tours by Zeus 360 are the ultimate way to showcase or document a space in the digital world

This page shows you how our Matterport virtual tour service works, along with its features and benefits. If you want information on virtual tours specific to your particular industry then navigate the sectors in the main menu, otherwise please scroll down for further information on Matterport virtual tours / “digital twins”.

Explore an example Matterport 3D virtual tour:

Walk through the Matterport virtual tour like you would on Google Street View. Click on the circles on the floor to go to a specific spot and drag the mouse to look around. Use the icons on the bottom left to change your view from walkthrough, 3D view and floor plan view and go to areas of interest instantly using the thumbnails across the bottom. Click on the blue pins (called “Mattertags”) to view information, links and videos.

What are the benefits of using Matterport Virtual Tours?

It all comes down to user experience, and convenience. If (for whatever reason) a potential customer or client cannot visit a space in person or doesn’t have time to travel, a Matterport virtual tour is the next best thing to physically being there – and instantaneously too.

Matterport virtual tours are also a lot of fun to navigate and so the user is left with a lasting positive impression of the experience. It’s not just for marketing purposes either (selling property, advertising your hotel etc.), a “digital twin” of your space can be used as a tool for surveying, collaborating and informing. Digital twins enable industries such as real estate, hospitality, construction, and insurance to simplify how they work and connect with customers and vendors.

Sell or let spaces more effectively

By enabling customers to see and explore your property in immersive 3D, you’ll save time on in-person visits and sell / let more properties / book more events. Our clients have told us that it's totally transformed their business purely through using the Matterport virtual tour.

Conduct surveys and collaborate online

Eliminate the need for costly in-person visits / re-visits for surveying. Surveyors can export unlimited high resolution photos, export floor plans, take detailed measurements and fully load the "digital twin" with important information which can be shared instantly with stakeholders worldwide.

Accelerate the design / documentation process

Streamline your modelling and design processes by exporting the "digital twin" point cloud data, accurate to 99% of reality. Use the point cloud data export with all of your existing software - including SketchUp, Revit, AutoCAD, and other BIM software saving time and money on measuring up.

Every Matterport 3D Virtual Tour comes with the following features:

3D Walkthrough virtual tour

An immersive walkthrough virtual tour, allowing anyone to walk through the digital twin and look around as though they’re really there.

Navigate using the mouse or touch clicking on where you want to move to, much like Google Street View virtual tours but because the tour is a 3D model the end user experience is so much smoother and your clients will love it.

Use the thumbnails at the bottom to be transported instantly to key areas and the icons on the bottom left to change your view.

Add information using Mattertags

Mattertags are 3d pins which can be attached to any object or surface within the virtual tour to add extra information in the form of text, hyperlinks, images and even embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo.

You can colour code them, change their length and size. Use text to give more information and highlight key areas, use photos to offer higher levels of detail (great for art galleries), use hyperlinks for downloadable PDFS (great for adding specification sheets and instruction manuals) and introduce users to the tour using embedded videos.

Take detailed measurements

If you’re a quantity surveyor needing detailed measurements (for flooring, ceiling or wall installations or heat loss surveys),  a facilities management professional, building manager or designer you’ll love this handy feature.

You can use the measurement tool to find the dimensions of rooms, walls, windows and objects within rooms.

Measurements can be taken in imperial or metric units and shared with colleagues and stake holders.

3D dolls house view

The “dolls house view” allows you to see the entire 3D model, rotate it around using the mouse (or finger gestures on mobile devices) and then back into the immersive inside view with a single click.

Users tend to get lost pretty easily viewing Google Street View virtual tours but with the dolls house view you can get an instant appreciation of the layout of the entire space.

You can also select to view a single floor at a time if the upper floors are blocking the view of the floors below.

Top-down floor plan view

Your clients (or potential buyers / tenants for commercial and residential property) will understand the layout at a glance with the top-down floor plan view.

The floor plan view of a 3D Matterport virtual tour is a true top down view of the 3D model including textures, with the ability select floors to gain a better understanding of the space you are exploring.

Clicking anywhere on the floor plan view teleports the user instantly back into the inside view.

High Resolution HDR Photos

Every Matterport 3D virtual tour we produce comes with high quality, high resolution HDR wide angle photography as standard with no need for a separate photoshoot.

Schematic Floor Plans

Professional high quality schematic floor plans provided in multiple file formats for print and the web without the need for additional site visits. These can be uploaded to your chosen property portal and included in your print ready PDF commercial property brochures.

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