Matterport Enhancements

The most cost effective way of Selling Properties and obtaining new customers using your existing Matterport tours

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the contact details for every visitor of your Matterport virtual tours?

Introducing Agent 360 – Estate Agent Accompanied Virtual Viewings and Lead Generation Powered by Matterport Tours

Use Agent 360 to improve consumer engagement with your Matterport 3D virtual property tours and convert anonymous virtual tour visitors into qualified leads and by providing simple agent-accompanied virtual viewings you can reduce inefficient physical showings, delight busy vendors and win more instructions.

Capture the details of people looking to buy a property, and just as importantly this may also be people who are looking to sell their property, and are yet to contact an agent to market it.

When houses are flying off the shelves, it’s important to have this crucial information before they contact one of your competitors.

Capture names and email addresses of everyone who visits your Matterport virtual tours

Find out who may be looking to sell their property before the competition does.

Use in-tour contact forms to encourage visitors to connect with your sales and marketing team.

Utilise data from the customer journey to create tailored follow-up email marketing campaigns.

Agent 360 Features - at a Glance:

Matterport Lead Generation Features and Benefits

Use Agent 360 to improve in-tour consumer engagement and convert anonymous virtual tour visitors into qualified leads. By providing convenient agent-accompanied virtual property viewings, you can reduce inefficient physical viewings, save travel time, conduct viewings which would normally be too far away and delight vendors by reducing the number of days they need to clean and prepare the property.

Matterport Lead Generation Forms

Visitor Registration Templates, Agent Enquiry Forms, In-Person Viewing Request Forms, Virtual Viewing Request Forms

Matterport In-Tour Communication

Communicate using phone, email, voice and video chat , Facebook and WhatsApp and even the same "live chat" you use on your website

Valuable Lead and Visitor Insights

Know exactly WHO has viewed which properties, how often, where they came from and which properties are being viewed the most

Agent-Accompanied Matterport 3D Virtual Tour Features and Benefits

Agent-led virtual property viewings are extremely convenient and time saving for both buyers and vendors.
Assist your sales team in being more productive by identifying serious buyers earlier and minimising the number of trips to in-person viewings.
Using our Google Street View integration, show numerous Matterport places in a single viewing and co-explore local regions.

All the Web Browser-Based Features

No software downloads or browser add-ins required, no slow & insecure agent screen-sharing, full capability on desktop, smartphone & tablet

Open Houses and Private Viewings

Virtual Private Viewings for related buyers, virtual Open Houses for unrelated buyers, anonymised buyers in Open House mode

Features With Agent-Accompanied Viewings

Explore multiple properties in a single guided viewing, effortlessly switch control to participants in agent-guided viewings, Google Maps & Street View Integrations

Voice and Video Chat

Full in-viewing audio, video & chat integration, private & group chat messaging available, automatic connection to default audio & video devices

Scheduling of Agent-Accompanied Viewings

Automatic Viewing Notifications & Calendar Integrations, Automatic Viewing Reminders, Self-Registration for Open Viewings

Lead Generation Integrations

All the features of the Lead Generation Plans, Automatically import Virtual Tours via the Matterport API, Integration with Real Estate CRM packages via their APIs

Are you ready to take advantage of Agent 360’s customer interaction, sales enablement, and visitor insights capabilities to maximise the return on your Matterport investment?

To explore how Agent 360 can supercharge your Matterport Tours, help you win more instructions, gain valuable visitor insights and delight your customers, fill in the form below to schedule a demo with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Agent 360

It's entirely up to you and your budget or time constraints. We have found that in the past, where we have offered Matterport 3D virtual tours for estate agents that after we have captured a few for them, they have felt comfortable enough to buy the camera and a Matterport subscription plan and do it all themselves. If this sounds like you then that's OK with us - we will show you how you can add your existing and all future Matterport tours to Agent 360 so you can reap the benefits of the data capture, guided virtual viewings and visitor insights.


If, however it all seems too time consuming or you simply don't want to have to capture the Matterport 3D virtual property tours yourselves, then we can capture them for you and offer Agent 360 to you free of charge!

Agent 360 makes it simple for Matterport tour visitors to communicate with your team, resulting in more leads for your sales funnel and a higher return on your Matterport investment.


Your team can use our Insights suite to learn how Matterport tours are performing, find out prospective vendors and which tours specific visitors have visited.


Your sales staff can also use Agent 360 to provide agent-accompanied virtual showings for a more convenient and efficient viewing experience.

No, it's really very simple. Once your in-house Matterport camera person or Zeus 360 have scanned the property, paste the Matterport URL into Agent 360 and it will generate a new one you can use instead on your website or property portal.


You may effortlessly send email invitations from the platform when a virtual viewing is requested.

Most clients appreciate any product that makes their lives easier. They are usually quite busy and increasingly rely on digital tools to manage their daily life. Customers can get the convenience they want and use virtual property viewings to quickly narrow down the houses they wish to see in person.

Quite the opposite. No one enjoys the bother and disturbance that continuous viewings cause, but in the past, sellers considered it as a necessary evil. Vendors now seek to limit actual visits to those who have previously been qualified since they do not have to prepare their property for viewings as much, saving valuable time, and (for various reasons) may want to limit their contact with strangers.

Of course you can! When it's most convenient for you, we can arrange  an online demo of Agent 360 where we show you how to add your sales team and add your property portfolio and start capturing data and conducting guided viewings for your clients.


We also provide a 1 month risk-free trial of the Agent 360 platform, complete with your properties installed on which you may conduct agent-guided virtual viewings! If you have any questions throughout the trial, you may contact us using email or by giving us a call.

The main features of Agent 360 (visitor registration, insights, contact forms, viewing booking forms, Google street view) sit on top of Matterport tours. So in order to take advantage of Agent 360 you need to be using Matterport.


If you do not already use Matterport, that's not a problem. We can help you pick the right camera and subscription plan if you want to keep everything in-house, or we can capture the Matterport property tours for you (including high quality property photos, video tours and floor plans) where you get to use Agent 360 free of charge!

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