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Flight School and Aircraft Virtual Tours

Maximise your pilot aircraft share registrations or sell more flying lessons by offering aircraft virtual tours to your student pilots.

Amazing custom aircraft virtual tour experiences

Whether you are a flight school wanting to enrol more students whilst providing amazing, interactive training material for existing students or if you own an aircraft share and want to sigh up as many pilots as possible we’ve got a tailored virtual tour solution to suit you.

Explore an example light aircraft virtual tour:

Drag your viewpoint using the muse or finger on touch devices, zoom in for extreme detail on the cockpit instruments and select a different aircraft using the thumbnails at the bottom.

Enrol more students / sell more trial lessons

The quality of the content on your website is certainly a deciding factor when it comes to selling online. Having virtual aircraft tours or a virtual tour of your flight academy shows potential students you're forward-thinking and care about their training.

Maximise your light aircraft shares

A plane sat on the grass / tarmac is no good to anybody with an aircraft share and will be costing you money. If you can show potential pilots what the aircraft looks like from inside the pilot's seat they'll be more inclined to sign up for a share and get flying!

Educate and inform your pilots

Whether it's for the benefit of educating students or on-boarding new pilots we can load the virtual aircraft tour full of information in the form of images, text, downloadable PDFs or video tutorials on how various items within the cockpit work.

Show off your flight training academy using virtual tour

One of the things a potential student pilot will be wanting to know when looking for a flight school is how the school looks and feels when they are there. If you can show them using a virtual tour, you will certainly have a competitive edge over other local schools who only have photos.

Do you have a flight simulator?

Why not have a virtual tour from the pilots seat showing potential customers what it’s like to experience! You’ll certainly see an increase in bookings.

Want to enrol more student pilots or sell more aircraft shares? Have any questions?