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Care Home Virtual Tours

Showcase how great your care home and facilities are using a 360 degree virtual tour.

Would You Like to Generate New Enquiries for your Care Homes?

Increase your online exposure, attract more visitors to your website and convert more leads into residents. A care home virtual tour showcases your home online in a way that engages potential residents and their families, generates direct inquiries and saves travel time on a daily basis.

Explore an example care home 360 virtual tour:

Offer residents families remote viewings

Offering remote viewings gives you a competitive advantage and your clients the ease of viewing multiple care homes remotely without the need to travel saving time and increasing comfort in the decision making process..

Get your care home shortlisted

Families may be looking at several care homes of interest and so you need to stand out from the competition. Having a 360 virtual tour will maximise your chances of being shortlisted due to the better user experience which you provide.

Save everybody's time and sanity

Travelling to every care home to have a look at the bedrooms, gardens and facilities can be tiresome and time consuming for families so the easier (and more fun) that you can make their user experience the better for everybody involved.

So much more than a care home virtual tour.....

The technology which we use to create the virtual care home tours captures both 2D and 3D data and once we have scanned the whole property we can create multiple deliverables back in the studio including:

High Quality Photos

Professional photos you can upload to your website and share on your social media profiles such as Instagram for engaging with potential residents.

Care Home Floor Plans

Most care homes already have floor plans but if for whatever reason yo don't, we can provide these for you too, highly accurate to 99% of reality.

Care Home 3D Video Tours

Uploading video tours to YouTube and social media maximises the engagement with potential residents.

Print Ready Brochures

Provide traditional property marketing with print-ready brochures which can also be downloaded as a PDF for those who may prefer to look at traditional printed material rather than a computer.

Google My Business Virtual tours

Every care home should have a Google business listing. We can enhance this listing by adding a Google Street View virtual tour to it.

Care Home Websites

If you have a new care home or have recently had a re-brand or refurbishment we can help you develop a brand new website in conjunction with the rest of your marketing material.

High Quality Care Home Photos

Every Matterport 3D virtual tour we produce comes with high quality, high resolution HDR wide angle photography as standard with no need for us (or anybody else for that matter) to re-visit and re-shoot.

Care Home Floor Plans

Without additional site visits, professional care home floor plans are given in various file formats for print and the internet. These can be used in your print-ready brochures and posted to your website. The floor plans are built using the Matterport camera’s 3D data and are accurate to within 99 percent of reality.

Care Home 3D Video Tours

Commercial Property Video Tours Manchester

A rather popular addition to the 3D Matterport virtual tours are the care home video tours.

These MP4 video tours can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms to compliment the 3D Matterport virtual tours and increase engagement with potential residents on social media.

The example video tour here was produced for PrimCare Group.

Click the play button to watch it now.

Virtual Tour Pricing for Care Homes

Matterport Care Home Tours

Pricing for 3D Matterport virtual tours is based on the number of rooms per property including reception rooms, bedrooms, studies, kitchens etc at £40+VAT per room with a minimum price of £160+VAT. Corridors count as 3 rooms each and stars count as additional rooms.

With Matterport 3D virtual tours all areas to be captured need to be empty of residents and staff and require a lot of planning ahead to make sure that the capture process runs smoothly with minimal disruption for both residents and staff.

Prices include the 3D virtual tour, 1 year’s hosting and high resolution HDR property photos.

Custom Branded Care Home Virtual Tours

These are priced at £50+VAT per space to be captured but as these tours cause less disruption, corridors and stairs don’t have to be captured so can work out cheaper than the Matterport 3D option with the added benefit that they can contain photo galleries and branded with your corporate colours and logo.

Additional extras are priced as follows:

Property video tours: £75+VAT per property

Floor plans: £25+VAT per property

Property brochures: £75+VAT per property

Do you want to show your care home in the best possible way? Do you require additional services including videos / floor plans / brochures and want to save money?