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Show your school off in the best way possible using school virtual tours guaranteed to help you stay competitive and increase admissions.

Virtual Tours for Schools, Colleges and Universities are Guaranteed to Make Your School Stand Out and Increase Student Applications

We understand the persuasiveness and effectiveness of in-person school tours, but these only work when prospective students can be physically present at your school or educational establishment. In a time where you may not be able to have your usual open days and evenings, make every day a virtual open day where you can showcase your facilities online when you have a virtual tour of your school.

Explore an example Sixth Form College interactive 360 virtual tour.

Offer students 24/7 virtual open days

There are numerous factors preventing students from being able to visit your school, whether social distancing or physical distance, including prospective students being overseas. Offering virtual tours allows them to become comfortable with your school and with your facilities, and highlights what makes your school unique.

Get your school / college on the shortlist

Where there's an element of competition between schools and colleges for student applications you need to stand out from the crowd. Not all schools offer virtual tours, and by doing so you showcase what makes you superior and different, guaranteeing a place on the shortlist.

Increased engagement with students / parents

Students who see your interactive virtual tour are going to be more engaged than if you only show them a photo gallery or video. It enables them to fully explore the school and they can better see themselves there and this almost certainly will be the most interesting feature for students and parents!

So much more than a school or college virtual tour.....

We capture all of your most impressive facilities, giving students and parents alike the best of what you have to offer to better further their education. In addition to 360 virtual tours we also offer the following additional features.

High Quality Photos

We offer a full professional photoshoot in addition to the 360 virtual tour photo shoot providing photos which can be used throughout your website or printed marketing material.

Floor Plan Navigation

To better help students and parents understand the layout of your school or campus we offer a floor plan navigation option so they can see the layout from within the tour itself.

Flythrough Video Tours

Uploading property video tours to YouTube and social media maximises the reach of your school's marketing.

Google My Business Virtual tours

You can also provide a virtual tour as part of your Google My Business listing so students and parents can explore your facilities right from within the Google search result.

School and College Campus Virtual Tour Pricing

Every school and college is different and so we offer a no-obligation consultation where we will work with you to tailor a bespoke tour to your needs, and make it fit within your marketing budget.

Want to have more applicants and stay competitive whilst saving time and money? Have any questions?