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School Virtual Tours – Cheadle High School’s Art Department

See how school virtual tours helped a Manchester school host an online art exhibition using Matterport tours.

Here’s all about how school virtual tours can keep an art department having it’s annual art exhibition.

In a world that was suddenly confined behind closed doors and quarantined hallways, the creative spirit found ways to break free. One such beacon of resilience and innovation was the Cheadle High School’s art department, which didn’t let a lockdown deter them from showcasing their students’ talents. Thanks to modern technology, I had the privilege to produce a Matterport tour, bringing their exhibition online. Here’s the journey of how we transformed their physical space into a digital experience.

The Challenge

When the lockdown began, institutions worldwide had to grapple with closures, cancellations, and a sudden disconnect from the community. Cheadle High School’s art department, brimming with student artworks awaiting their annual exhibition, faced a similar predicament. The challenge was twofold: how could we ensure the students’ hard work was recognized, and how could the community continue to engage with the art?

The Solution: Matterport tours

Zeus 360 are experts when it comes to school virtual tours and for this project we chose Matterport, a cutting-edge technology that enables the creation of 3D virtual tours. This immersive tool was the perfect solution to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. I had previously used Matterport for real estate tours, but adapting it for an art exhibition posed a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Process and Adaptation

  1. Initial Planning: The first step was to liaise with the art department heads, understanding the layout of the exhibition and the specific highlights they wanted to showcase.
  2. Capturing the Space: Using the Matterport Pro2 camera, I captured high-resolution imagery and depth data of the entire art department. This process took a few hours, ensuring every nook, cranny, and artwork was documented.
  3. Annotations and Tags: One of the features of Matterport is its ability to embed tags and notes within the tour. We used this to provide context, artist names, and descriptions for each artwork.
  4. Interactive Features: We also linked to student’s personal pages with videos they created themselves, explaining their works, giving viewers a deeper insight into the creative process.

Outcome and Impact

The Matterport tour was an instant success. It wasn’t just a mere replacement for the physical exhibition but an enhancement. Viewers could explore the space at their leisure, zoom into artworks in detail, and listen to the artists’ narrations. The school’s reach expanded, with viewers from different parts of the world attending the virtual exhibition.

Cheadle High School Art Department Matterport Tour
The School Virtual Tour works great on all devices

Moreover, for the students, this was a lesson in resilience and adaptability. Their works reached an audience they hadn’t anticipated, and the feedback they received was overwhelmingly positive.


The Cheadle High School’s online art exhibition, powered by Matterport, was a testament to how technology can be harnessed creatively to overcome challenges. It wasn’t just about showcasing art but about finding connection and community in a time of distancing.

While we all hope for a return to normalcy, innovations like this remind us of the power of creativity and technology combined. I am proud to have played a part in this journey, and I am excited to see how digital experiences continue to shape our world in the post-pandemic era.

If you want to follow in Cheadle High’s footsteps and stay one step ahead of the curve and embrace the power of school virtual tours then please contact us today to discuss your needs and arrange a booking!

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Example HDR Property Photos Supplied by Zeus 360 Virtual Tours

Every Matterport virtual tour we produce comes with high quality, high resolution HDR wide angle photography as standard with no need for us to re-visit or re-shoot. Here’s a selection of photos from this project.

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