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Loreto College Virtual Tours in Manchester

Our Collaboration with Carbon Creative producing Custom 360 Degree College Virtual Tours for Loreto in Manchester.
Loreto College Virtual Tours
The custom branded college virtual tour looks great on all devices.

The global pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to educational institutions, compelling them to find innovative ways to engage with students and parents. For Loreto College in Manchester, the solution was a groundbreaking initiative: custom branded college virtual tours. This project, a collaboration with Carbon Creative, aimed to bring the vibrant campus experience to students’ screens, ensuring that the essence of Loreto College was just a click away.

The Client – Carbon Creative and Loreto College

Loreto College, nestled in Hulme close to Manchester, is an institution renowned for its academic excellence and dynamic campus life. The pandemic posed a significant challenge: how to effectively showcase their facilities to prospective students during lockdowns. The college needed a solution that was not just functional but also resonated with their ethos and values.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was replicating the feel of an in-person visit and conveying the college’s unique atmosphere through a digital medium. Loreto College sought to provide an immersive and informative experience to parents and students, ensuring that even in lockdown, the college’s spirit was accessible to all. This is where the idea of college virtual tours came into play.

The Solution – Custom Branded Virtual Tours

We envisioned a series of college virtual tours that would not only showcase Loreto College’s diverse facilities but also embed its branding to create a sense of belonging and identity. These tours were designed to be interactive, offering viewers a comprehensive insight into the college’s environment, right from lecture halls to recreational areas.

Collaboration and Execution

The execution of this vision required meticulous planning and coordination. Over a weekend, when the college was devoid of its usual bustle, I conducted a thorough photoshoot of the campus. Capturing the essence of Loreto College without the presence of its students was a unique challenge, but one that we embraced wholeheartedly. The resulting images were more than just photographs; they were the foundation of the college virtual tours.

Once the photoshoot was completed, I crafted the college virtual tours, ensuring that each tour was immersive, informative, and reflective of Loreto College’s ethos. These tours were then sent over to Carbon Creative, who skillfully integrated them onto the Loreto College website, creating a seamless virtual experience for visitors.

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Integration and Impact

The integration of the virtual tours on the college’s website marked a significant milestone. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Prospective students and parents appreciated the depth and detail of the tours, which allowed them to explore the college at their convenience. The college virtual tours significantly enhanced Loreto College’s digital presence, bridging the gap caused by the pandemic.

The Future of College Virtual Tours

This project not only solved an immediate problem but also set a precedent for the future. College virtual tours have now become an essential tool in the arsenal of educational marketing, offering a flexible and engaging way to showcase campuses. As we move beyond the pandemic, these virtual tours continue to serve as an invaluable resource for colleges and universities.

The successful collaboration with Carbon Creative and Loreto College exemplifies how innovation and technology can transform challenges into opportunities. The custom branded college virtual tours created for Loreto College are more than just digital assets; they are a testament to the resilience and adaptability of educational institutions in the face of adversity.

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