Virtual Tour Sectors

Car and Showroom Virtual Tours

360 Immersive showroom and car virtual tours are a great way to engage with new customers and sell more cars to even more people with virtual viewings.

Engage potential customers with cutting edge technology that shows them your showroom using an unrivalled format guaranteed to drive sales.

You’re in the business of selling cars. Potential customers are now starting their search online to find the best cars or dealerships, and making their decision about where to buy without even leaving their homes. You need to make sure that their first impression of your showroom and ultimately your cars is better than the competition. This is where our virtual tours can help you achieve your goals both in driving more car sales by enhancing your brand and the customer experience.

Here's an example car showroom 3D virtual tour

Offer your customers remote viewings

Let potential customers take a full-on virtual tour of your showroom, see what cars you have on offer and grow their buying confidence with you safe in the knowledge that you're a car dealership to be trusted.

Increase social brand awareness

People are more likely to share great content on social media and when they visit your car showroom in 3D they'll be bound to share it on social media, driving traffic to your website and visits to your showroom.

Online engagement sells more cars

There's no better way to showcase your cars or showroom than with an interactive 3D virtual tour. This enhanced online engagement will be the difference between you and your competitors.

So much more than a car showroom virtual tour.....

When it comes to selling cars using digital marketing you need all of the available assets in your arsenal to stand out from the competition. We are a Google Trusted Photographer and we have almost 20 years of experience in the field, producing quality interactive 360 degree virtual tour experiences. We offer much more than a standard virtual tour and cover all your digital marketing requirements.

Car Interior Virtual Tours

Put potential customers in the driving set and show them your new models in the best possible way, guaranteed to drive more sales.

High Quality Showroom Photos

These professional photos are uploaded to your Google My Business listing to further enhance your Google Search results.

Car Dealership 3D Video Tours

These powerful 3D fly-through video tours of your showroom are great teasers on Instagram and will drive more traffic to your website.

Google My Business Virtual tours

Enhance your Google My Business listing even further by providing a virtual tour of your car showroom / dealership right from the Google search result.

Explore an example Car Interior 360 virtual tour:

360 degree car interior virtual tours allow users to to virtually test-drive your latest models from the comfort of their home or mobile device. Fully loaded with engine specs (and even noises), photos and video demonstrations of key features, they are the next best thing to actually sitting in the car and are guaranteed to drive more customers to visit you and get inside for real.

High Resolution HDR Car Dealership Photos for Google My Business Listings

Every Matterport 3D virtual tour we produce comes with high quality, high resolution HDR wide angle photography as standard with no need for us to re-visit or re-shoot.

Explore an example "Google My Business" / Google Maps Car Showroom virtual tour:

Car Showroom Matterport Virtual Tour Pricing

Pricing for 3D Matterport virtual tours for car showrooms is the same as our commercial property virtual tours and is based on the area to be captured in either square meters or square feet based upon the following table.

Additional extras are priced as follows:

  • Upload to Google Street View: £50+VAT per dealership / showroom
  • Car showroom video tours: £60+VAT per property
  • Car dealership / showroom websites POA
Area in square meters
Price (+VAT)
less than 200
£0.90 per m2
£0.71 per m2
£0.60 per m2
£0.40 per m2

1 square meter = 10.764 square feet

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