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High School Virtual Tours in Yorkshire – North Halifax Grammar School

See how North Halifax Grammar School beat the pandemic by embracing the power of high school virtual tours in Yorkshire.

This article is about the production of custom branded high school virtual tours in collaboration with Rejuvinate Digital for their client North Halifax Grammar School:

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In recent years, the evolution of digital technology has transformed many aspects of our daily lives, including how educational institutions interact with their communities. A standout example of this transformation is the advent of high school virtual tours, offering an innovative solution during challenging times. Our collaboration with Rejuvinate Digital to create a custom virtual tour for North Halifax Grammar School stands as a testament to this evolution.

The Challenge

Like many educational institutions during the pandemic, North Halifax Grammar School faced the significant challenge of showcasing its facilities and ethos to prospective students and parents. The traditional open days and in-person visits were no longer feasible, necessitating a creative solution. Google school virtual tours emerged as a promising alternative, but the school desired more than a standard virtual walkthrough.

The Solution – Bespoke / Branded High School Virtual Tours

To meet this need, we crafted a bespoke high school virtual tour, fully branded with North Halifax Grammar School’s logo and colours. The tour featured custom navigation, an interactive floor plan, and thumbnail navigation for an immersive experience. It was designed to be not just a temporary fix but a comprehensive, engaging way to experience the school’s unique environment and offerings.

The Process

The process of creating this customized solution was a collaborative effort. Working closely with Rejuvinate Digital and the school’s team, we aimed to capture the essence of North Halifax Grammar School. Every aspect of the tour was meticulously planned and executed, ensuring that it would be an accurate and engaging representation of the school.

The Impact

Post-launch, the virtual tour was a resounding success. It significantly enhanced engagement with prospective families, who could now explore the school remotely. The positive feedback and increased interest from parents and students were clear indicators of the tour’s impact. Its success led to further additions, making the tour an even more valuable asset for the school.

Our bespoke high school virtual tours look great on all devices.
Our bespoke high school virtual tours look great on all devices.

The Future of Virtual Tours in Education

This project highlights the vast potential of high school virtual tours in the education sector. Beyond the pandemic, these virtual experiences offer a unique way for schools to connect with their communities, showcasing their facilities and culture in a dynamic, accessible format. As technology advances, we anticipate even more innovative uses of virtual tours in education.


The bespoke virtual tour created for North Halifax Grammar School is more than just a digital asset; it’s a pioneering step in how educational institutions can engage with their audience. By embracing the potential of virtual tours, schools can offer an inclusive, detailed, and convenient way for families to explore their offerings, regardless of external circumstances.

We invite you to experience the North Halifax Grammar School virtual tour above and see the future of school engagement. For institutions looking to create your bespoke high school virtual tours, our virtual tour company in Manchester is ready to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to start your journey in revolutionizing how your school connects with the world.

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