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Inside The Bulls Head, Manchester With a Pub Virtual Tour

Our Google Trusted Photographer captured a Google Maps pub virtual tour of one of Manchester’s oldest pubs near Piccadilly train station.

Take a bar / pub virtual tour around one of Manchester’s oldest pubs, situated close to Piccadilly train station:

Bar / Pub Virtual Tour Spotlight: Dive into the Bull’s Head Pub’s Rich Legacy

If you’ve ever wandered through the bustling streets of Manchester and sought a slice of history and an authentic pub experience, you’ve likely heard of or perhaps even visited the Bull’s Head. There has been a pub on that site since 1786, making it one of Manchester’s oldest drinking establishments. The charm of the Bull’s Head doesn’t just lie in its longevity, but in the dedication the owners have shown in preserving its soul.

They’ve diligently worked to maintain and protect their unique heritage and history, culminating in an authentic Victorian-style British pub that stands proud amidst Manchester’s evolving skyline. Winning both national and regional awards for the quality of their beer, the Bull’s Head isn’t just any pub – it’s a testament to time, tradition, and taste. And in an age dominated by screens and distractions, you won’t find televisions or pervasive background music here. Instead, patrons are treated to a symphony of great beer, mouth-watering food, and genuine conversations. It’s a traditional pub as many believe it should be, holding true to its core values.

Recognizing the draw of their prized location, the Bull’s Head has expanded its offering. They’ve constructed modern and comfortable rooms tailored for travelers eager to soak in Manchester’s vibe or for those looking to stay within arm’s reach of the city centre. Their hotel isn’t just about convenience; it’s an extension of their ethos – a blend of the old and the new, right in the heart of the city, and close to countless amenities and attractions.

Now, for those of you who haven’t had the chance to visit or for those reminiscing about past visits, we’ve got exciting news! We worked closely with the Bull’s Head team to produce a Google Maps virtual tour of this legendary establishment. Experience the creak of the wooden floors, gaze at the antique adornments, all from the comfort of your home. So, grab your virtual reality headset or simply your laptop, and come explore the Bull’s Head in all its glory!

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