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Google Tour Showcase: The Waggon and Horses Pub in Westhoughton

Showcasing the Google tour of the Waggon and Horses pub in Westhoughton by our Google Trusted Photographer.

Here’s all about the Google Tour we produced for the Waggon and Horses pub in Westhoughton near Bolton in the UK:

If you’re looking to boost foot traffic to your local business, embracing technology can provide a big assist. One such approach to modernize traditional spaces is the utilization of a Google tour, an interactive experience that showcases your establishment via 360-degree photos stitched together to form a virtual walkthrough. For The Waggon and Horses a beloved pub in Westhoughton, the implementation of a Google tour not only revitalizes its online presence but also enhances the way customers connect with the business.

What is a Google Tour?

A Google tour is essentially a virtual tour that integrates seamlessly into your Google My Business listing and appears in Google Search and Google Maps. It allows prospective customers to “walk through” the location, piquing their interest and providing a glimpse of what to expect when they visit in person. For The Waggon and Horses a Google tour was be particularly beneficial. The pub has an eclectic charm and warmth, which are difficult to convey through static photos or written descriptions alone. A Google tour lets the ambience and unique features shine, drawing in more patrons.

The Production Process

Creating a Google tour involves a series of steps that begin with hiring a Google Trusted Photographer such as ourselves, who are trained in capturing 360-degree photos. We visited The Waggon and Horses to take shots from various angles at multiple exposures, ensuring each nook and cranny of the pub is well-represented. These photos are then stitched together using specialized software, creating a seamless, interactive experience.

Key Features to Highlight

When producing a Google tour for a venue like The Waggon and Horses the focus was on capturing the elements that set it apart from other local pubs. This could range from the carefully curated vintage décor to the unique layout featuring cozy booths and an expansive bar area. Not forgetting the beer garden that’s bustling in the summer and the fireplace that’s a focal point in the winter – every season brings something new to feature in the virtual tour.

Adding the Google Tour to Your Online Presence

Once the Google tour is created, integrating it into your Google My Business profile is straightforward. This not only allows users to take a virtual tour directly from their search results but also improves the overall search visibility of The Waggon and Horses. Further, you can embed the tour on your website, providing an interactive element that engages visitors and encourages them to learn more about what your pub offers.

The Benefits

Undoubtedly, a Google tour adds a layer of interaction that static images or text cannot offer. It is likely to increase the time users spend engaging with your online content, which is a positive signal to search engines and can improve search rankings. Moreover, by offering a preview of what customers can expect it can reduce the uncertainty that sometimes accompanies trying a new place, making it more likely that people will decide to visit.


A Google tour serves as a highly effective tool for businesses looking to improve their online visibility and engage potential customers in a more interactive way. For The Waggon and Horses in Westhoughton, this technology offers an opportunity to showcase the pub’s unique attributes, increasing its appeal and drawing a wider audience.

Given the changing landscape of how people discover new places, they are no longer a “nice to have” but rather an essential component of a well-rounded digital strategy.

If you have a bar / pub / restaurant anywhere in the UK and would like to showcase it to potential customers and increase your bookings with a Google tour or a Matterport virtual tour then our virtual tour company in Manchester would love to hear from you – so contact us today!

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