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Sambro Matterport Showroom Virtual Tours

Producing Matterport Showroom Virtual Tours for Sambro's Manchester Showroom: An Immersive Experience for an Award-Winning Toy Manufacturer

When it comes to award-winning toy manufacturers like Sambro, known worldwide for its licensed and own-brand products, standing out in a crowded market is crucial.

Enter Matterport showroom virtual tours – a revolutionary way to showcase products and spaces. We recently had the privilege of producing a Matterport virtual tour for Sambro’s showroom, and here’s a sneak peek into our journey.

1. Why a Matterport Showroom Virtual Tour for Sambro?

Sambro is not just any toy manufacturer. With numerous awards under their belt and a vast range of both licensed and original products, their showroom is an Aladdin’s cave for toy stores. By opting for a Matterport virtual tour, Sambro can now offer an immersive digital experience, allowing global retailers, partners, and fans to explore their products without geographical constraints.

2. The Process: Bringing Sambro’s Showroom to Life

a) Pre-production: Before the actual shooting began, we consulted with the Sambro team to understand their vision. This step was crucial to capture the essence of the brand and highlight specific products or areas of interest.

b) Shooting: Using Matterport’s high-tech 3D cameras, we meticulously captured every nook and cranny of the showroom. The camera’s infrared sensors created a spatial map of the showroom, while its high-definition lenses captured the intricate details of Sambro’s products.

c) Post-production: After shooting, the captured data was processed using Matterport’s software, creating a seamless and interactive 3D model of Sambro’s showroom.

3. The Result: An Interactive Showcase

Visitors to Sambro’s virtual showroom can now:

  • Navigate Freely: Walk through the space as if they were physically present, moving from aisle to aisle, exploring products at their own pace.
  • Zoom in on Products: High-resolution imagery allows viewers to inspect products up close, noticing the quality and detail that Sambro is renowned for.
  • Access Product Information: Clickable tags have been strategically placed, providing more information about specific products and their features.
Showroom virtual tours
Users can click on toys for more information

4. The Future: Virtual Reality and Beyond

While the Matterport tour is accessible via any device, its compatibility with VR headsets offers an even deeper level of immersion. This presents an exciting opportunity for Sambro in the future, especially as virtual reality continues to grow in popularity.


In a world where digital presence is paramount, Sambro’s decision to invest in a Matterport virtual tour not only underscores their commitment to innovation but also serves as a testament to their dedication to offering partners and customers an unparalleled experience. Through this tour, Sambro has reinforced its position as a global leader in the toy industry, showcasing its award-winning products in a contemporary and engaging manner.

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