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How Methven Revolutionised Sales using Matterport Showroom Virtual Tours in Warrington

See how we helped customers explore Methven's Products using Matterport showroom virtual tours.

This case study demonstrates how Methven embraced Matterport showroom virtual tours to create an enhanced customer experience.

Creating an immersive and informative experience for potential customers is a cornerstone of modern marketing, especially for businesses that thrive on the tactile and visual appeal of their products.

Methven, a leader in innovative and award-winning shower, tap, and valve designs, has recently leveraged this approach by introducing a Matterport virtual tour of their showroom in Warrington. This blog post delves into the essence of this virtual journey, showcasing how Methven has embraced digital innovation to bring their exceptional product lineup closer to their audience.

The Evolution of Showroom Visits

Traditionally, the allure of a showroom lies in the ability to physically interact with products, understanding their quality, design, and functionality firsthand. However, with the advent of digital technology, particularly through showroom virtual tours, the dynamics of customer engagement have transformed significantly. Methven’s foray into virtual showroom tours represents a blend of tradition and innovation, offering a comprehensive digital experience that rivals the physical one.

Methven Experience Centre Warrington Matterport Showroom Virtual Tours
Matterport Showroom virtual tours look fantastic and engaging on all desktop and mobile devices.

The Methven Virtual Tour Experience

Methven has chosen Matterport virtual tours as their medium to replicate the physical showroom experience online. Matterport’s technology is renowned for its high-resolution 3D capture technique, which creates lifelike digital twins of physical spaces. This allows visitors to navigate through Methven’s showroom from the comfort of their homes, with the freedom to explore every corner, just as they would in person.

The tour is more than a mere digital walkthrough; it is an interactive exploration that Methven has enriched with detailed information on every product displayed. Each item in the showroom is accompanied by images, descriptions, and links for further details available on Methven’s website. This ensures that visitors not only see the products but also understand their features, benefits, and the innovation behind them.

Color-Coded Navigation and Information Richness

To enhance the user experience further, Methven has color-coded each section of their showroom. This thoughtful addition aids in navigation, allowing visitors to easily identify and move to different product categories. Whether you’re interested in the latest in shower technology or searching for a new, stylish tap for your kitchen, the color-coded system guides you seamlessly through the space.

The inclusion of comprehensive product information transforms this virtual tour from a simple digital showcase into an educational journey. By integrating images, descriptions, and direct links within the Matterport virtual tour, Methven ensures that every query a potential customer might have can be addressed instantly. This level of detail signifies Methven’s commitment to not only showcasing their products but also educating their customers about the value and innovation they bring.

The Impact of Showroom Virtual Tours

The introduction of showroom virtual tours marks a pivotal shift in how businesses like Methven connect with their customers. It bridges the gap between the desire for in-depth product exploration and the convenience of online shopping. For Methven, utilizing Matterport virtual tours has not only expanded their reach but also enriched the customer’s journey by providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of their product offerings.

This digital innovation is a testament to Methven’s forward-thinking approach, reflecting their dedication to excellence in customer experience. By offering an immersive, informative, and easily accessible online tour, Methven sets a new standard for engagement in the home design and improvement industry.


The Matterport virtual tour of Methven’s Warrington showroom is more than just a digital innovation; it is a comprehensive, immersive, and informative journey that redefines the customer experience. It allows visitors to explore, learn, and connect with Methven’s products in a way that was previously unimaginable. As showroom virtual tours become more prevalent, Methven’s pioneering approach serves as an inspiring example for others in the industry, demonstrating the power of digital technology to bring products to life online.

This virtual tour initiative underscores Methven’s commitment to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, offering an engaging, educational, and accessible way to explore their offerings. It’s a brilliant reflection of how tradition can meet innovation to create something truly remarkable in the digital age.

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