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Virtual Tour of Satan’s Hollow – Manchester

Our Google Trusted Photographer took a virtual tour of one of the UK’s premier rock nightclubs.

When you spend over £1M on Your Manchester Night Club Interior, You want to Show it Off with a Google Business Virtual Tour!

Satan’s Hollow in Manchester is one of the finest rock and metal music venues in the UK. Over £1 million was spent on it’s interior and it certainly shows from the entrance hall, the centralised dance floor, the woodland corner, the bar aesthetics and right to Satan himself arching over the DJ booth.

This Manchester night club virtual tour is a part of Google Maps, specifically their Google My Business product. If you would like a Google Business night club virtual tour then please get in touch!

All Matterport virtual tours come with Google virtual tours as an option so you may want to check those out instead as they’re the same price and come with a lot more features!

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