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CTI Digital Google Maps Virtual Tour

CTI Digital in Manchester Have Job Applicants from Candidates Specifically Because they have Seen the Google Maps Virtual Tour

Here’s the Google Maps virtual tour we produced for CTI Digital in Manchester:

Unlocking The Future: An Insight Into Office Virtual Tours

In today’s fast-paced digital era, the way we explore and perceive physical spaces is rapidly evolving. Enter the realm of “office virtual tours,” a groundbreaking approach that allows companies to showcase their workplaces without you ever stepping foot inside. This innovative method not only saves time and reduces unnecessary travels but also allows prospective clients, partners, and employees to immerse themselves in the company’s culture and environment from the comfort of their homes. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the world of office virtual tours, exploring their benefits and how they’re reshaping business interactions.

CTI Digital are a digital agency based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter who specialise in Drupal website development, Magento e-commerce solutions, branding, advertising, search engine optimisation and social media campaigns. They also offer fully comprehensive support packages for all of their services and have won countless awards for their expertise in delivering digital web based solutions.

Established over a decade ago the company rapidly expanded over the course of the last two years and out-grew their office on the first floor on Newton Street in Manchester and had to upgrade to a larger office space. Luckily the burden of the move was lessened by finding a larger office space on the fifth floor of the same building with the entrance being round the corner on Dale Street.

Occupying the entire 5th floor of 31 Dale Street, the CTI Digital office was the largest singular Google Street View for business we have had the pleasure of undertaking. To emphasise how large the virtual tour is, here’s some handy statistics:

  • The CTI Digital Google Virtual Tour was composed from:
  • 1404 RAW photos taken using a Canon D5 MK III SLR camera fitted with a canon 8-15mm Fisheye Zoom Lens.
  • Each location was shot in HDR using three exposures per shot.
  • The photos themselves took up over 40GB of hard disk space.
  • The final Google Street View virtual tour is comprised of 117 individual points of view.

Having a Google Maps virtual tour means that their listing is boosted in the search engine rankings and will appear naturally higher up the results than other digital agencies in the local area who do not have a Google Maps virtual tour.

If you would like to embrace the future and discuss having an office virtual tour produced by one of our virtual tour specialists in Manchester then please contact us today!

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