So recently we produced a Google Street View Virtual Tour of the CTI Digital office based in the trendy Northern Quarter of Manchester. Now if your head has been under a rock for the past 12 months you may not know about the new virtual reality craze which is Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality on the Cheap

Google Cardboard is Google’s offering into the world of VR (Virtual Reality) where unlike offerings from the likes of Oculus or Samsung you can have a kit constructed out of cardboard which you can use to house a typical smart phone such as an iPhone or Android powered device which has a high definition screen and experience the wonders of virtual reality for less than a tenner (ten pounds for those of you from outside the UK).

The system comes as a flat sheet of cardboard which is pre-scored and comes with instructions printed onto it detailing how to build can be assembled within a few minutes following the easy to follow instructions. When finalised you have a housing into which you can place your smart phone and experience the world of virtual reality by strapping the headset on and looking around a virtual 3D interface.

Google has recently added Google Cardboard as an option to it’s popular Google Maps app and when browsing to any place which has the “see inside” option available there is an icon on the screen which when “clicked” or pressed allows you to place your smartphone into your Google Cardboard headset and experience the place using virtual reality.

Now here’s where the fun starts….

We took a selection of various headsets which accommodate various sizes of phones to CTI Digital with the fun aim of seeing how easy it would be to navigate around the office using nothing but the Google Street View projection of the office inside the headset. Using the magnetic “switch” on the left of the headset you can progress one step at a time through the virtual world version of the office. By moving your body left and right you can rotate your view around the virtual world creating a seamless walkthrough around the world too.

So how far can you go walking around an office virtually using nothing but a virtual reality headset? Well…. not very far as we found out. But it was a lot of fun trying anyway!

We also provide Branded Google Cardboard headsets which can be given out at exhibitions and trade shows so if this is something you would like to give to your potential clients then please get in touch.

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If you would like to let your potential clients view your office as part of your contact us page or if you would like to enhance your Google Local listing by having a Google Street View virtual tour produced by our Google Trusted Photographer then please get in touch:

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Real estate listings featuring virtual tours are clicked on 40% more often than those using still photos alone. When asked, 75% of all prospects surveyed said that they preferred virtual tours to assist in the decision making process. (“Planet Home Study”, 2007)

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