The video was produced using a combination of Adobe After Effects for the animation and Adobe Premiere for the splicing together of sections of video which had been supplied by over 25 of the most important people who have contributed to the Drupal project over it’s lifetime including Dries Buytaert himself.

The idea for the video was to have a statement read by important figures in the Drupal community by splicing together portions of the statement which had been read out to the camera by each of the aforementioned individuals taken in geographical locations contextually applicable to them to emphasise that the Drupal community is a global one spanning every corner of the globe.

Paul Johnson organised the gathering of the video clips, contacting all of the major players and instructing them to record the entire statement to the camera and send in their video footage. We then had to watch all of the submitted footage and decide which portion of the statement each of the community members highlighted the best and used this to create a timeline of clips which included all of the important key members which when cut in sequence relayed the entire statement of how important Drupal is to everyone in the digital age.

The deadline was tight but we’re all thrilled with the results.

Drupal is rather important to ourselves as after producing websites from the ground up using Classic ASP and VB Script we needed to progress with the times and the open source website CMS technologies available whilst continuing to improve the features our website development services provide and Drupal fitted perfectly into our way of thinking.

Source: Old Website

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