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Bespoke Virtual Tour of City Airport Manchester

Take a walk round City Airport Manchester using this gigapixel 360 degree virtual tour.

City Airport Manchester in a Gigapixel Quality Airfield Virtual Tour

Should you ever be curious to explore the inner workings of a modest-sized airport in the United Kingdom, then this virtual tour of City Airport and Heliport, situated in Barton near Manchester, will certainly be of interest to you. We were granted comprehensive access to various sections of the airport, encompassing the apron, fueling station, hangars (including one marked as a restricted area), observation decks, aircraft parking zones, the clubhouse, and even the air traffic control tower.

This virtual tour is presented in high resolution and is optimized for full-screen viewing. The level of detail is impressively intricate, owing to the use of the cutting-edge gigapixel virtual tour technology.

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