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Trying Out HDR Photography in Manchester

Tonight after viewing several tutorials and lectures on the subject of Multi Exposure HDR photography I decided this evening to give it a go for myself and here are the results.

The first is from the bedroom office I normally use to produce and develop the 360 degree virtual tours from. The only light available was that from the monitors of the computer equipment and that was actually intentional as I wanted to see how far I could stretch the capabilities of the traditional HDR photography format.

As you can see after taking 7 bracketed photographs at varying exposures the results were actually not that bad!

And so I felt that it was time to go out into the real world and hone my craft at taking HDR photographs of the world around me. I didn’t get very far though as I was still trying my luck at the skill of HDR photography and didn’t want to venture too far out into the city centre with rather expensive camera equipment in tow so I decided to go as far as any normal mugger fearing person would go and that was to the local street corner with two bodyguards in tow (my brother and his friend who is staying over for the week) to see what I could capture.

On first impressions I’m pleased with the results using the easily affordable Photomatix HDR Tone Mapping software I ended up using to process the images.

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